About the Park

The morning dew tickles your calves, falling on and off as you pull your legs forward. The morning air envelopes you with a sense of complete tranquility. No movement, no sounds, no dust, all calm and naturally fragrant. The road next to you is completely empty, but you prefer the grassy path. As do the many birds and ladybugs and ants and grasshoppers you see on your way. On your way to the park.

This isn’t just any park though. Oh no, It’s F9 park. See, Islamabad is divided up into sectors, these sectors are named in an alphanumerical manner. from D to I, and 5 to 15. These sectors are then subdivided into residential areas, markaz/commercial areas, small markets, recreational areas, and areas set for offices and schools. As you can imagine, single sectors must be quite large to contain all of this. And you’d be quite right; walking from one end of a sector to another can take up to an hour. Now imagine the immense space with all these areas, except remove everything and insert a park. What you get is F9 park; the Central Park of Islamabad.

As you enter the park, you see an astounding architectural piece in the midst of all the signs of mother nature. A marble structure, a magnificent dome of white accompanied by an equally fitting marble path. There are other paths to choose from, a running track on your left, a garden of fragrances to your right; but you are pulled by the awe inspiring structure ahead of you.20161001_065237.jpg

Walking towards it, you start to notice the people around you: different types of people in a variety of groups. Families, couples, buddies, even lone explorers out to enjoy the fruits nature has to offer. Children playing frisbee, friends sharing a joke, parents encouraging their children. You keep walking in the midst of it all, taking it all in. Or maybe you sit down for a while, taking a look at the little things. A butterfly fluttering by, a blade of grass swaying with the breeze.

Surrounded by a complete sensation of calm, you lose track of time. You close your eyes and the world goes on without your noticing. Kids are still playing, runners are still running, birds are still flying. But you don’t need that. You just need yourself. Yourself, and a place to sit.

You get up with a gleam in your eyes, wholly sure that what is to come next is going to be good.


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  1. Natalie says:

    “But you don’t need that. You just need yourself. Yourself, and a place to sit.”

    I love this line. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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