Iftari Sharers


A small group of friends, the oldest of whom is only a second year college student, was seen handing dates and juice to strangers driving by at a traffic signal in Islamabad, Pakistan. This happened during Iftar time, which is when fasting Muslims open their fasts during Ramadan.

Huzaifa, a first year college student, was motivated by his father who had been arranging Iftari for nearly five hundred patients at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital since five years. This Ramadan, when he was running late to help out at PIMS, Huzaifa noticed the cars surrounding him at the traffic light. He noticed the sense of urgency in the people around him to get home and open their fasts.

The next day, Huzaifa discussed this with his friend Ali and they came up with a plan. He stored four cartons of juice boxes in his freezer in the few hours before Iftar, and filled a few plates with dates. He called a few friends from his neighborhood and divided the juice and dates amongst them. Then they stood at the intersection and waited.

“We are only doing something small, it doesn’t cost us much,” Ali said “there are many people — not only driving by, but also laborers who cannot get home to open their fasts on time. So we urge others to also help out this Ramadan by doing something similar at a traffic signal near them.”


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